CRExperience combi training

A CRExperience combi training is a comprehensive training in which multiple riding-technical aspects be treated in a very intensive program on and off the course in theory and practice. After each practice session follows a theory session in which the instructor talk with his group about anticipation, balance, observational technique and riding turns. By the lay out of the TT Junior Track has the instructor always visual contact with all its riders.


The CRExperience combi training is for every motorcycle rider a meaningful training. Because the TT Junior Track is divided into two smaller circuits, so-called the North loop and the South loop and because both loops are been riding as well as left arround as right arround, the participant rides a lot and is understanding better and better her / his motorcycle.
During the training the participant will get more and more confident in themselves and in the motorcycle.

Lunch paddock restaurant

After the program on the TT Junior Track leave the participants under the guidance of the instructor to the paddock restaurant at the TT circuit Assen. The participants are offered a buffet in the paddock restaurant overlooking the GT-corner or, weather permitting, under the parasoll on the terrace.

Theory and practice TT circuit Assen

After the lunch follows the theory session in the media centre. In this session, the rules of conduct and protocols for both practise sesions at the TT circuit Assen, are be presented. Between the two practice sessions, there is time to get into the pit box of HK Suspension to check and adjust the suspension. After two practice sessions follows the end of an intensive and instructive day in the media centre with the issuance of the CRExperience certificate on name.

Fun . . .

In addition to the practical and theoretical aspects the participants experienced yet another very important aspect. What aspect?
The aspect of the sense of fun ...
To get fun in motorcycling or getting even more fun in motorcycling.
You experience it all at the CRExperience combi training.

Registration amount

The registration for the CRExperience combi training amounts € 160.00 per participant. The registration fee includes the lunch in the paddock restaurant, the premium for personal accident insurance and the CRExperience certificate on name.
Discount for relationships, which wish to participate with more participants in a CRExperience combi training, is possible.
Please contact Heidi tel. 0031 55 533 55 30 or by e-mail: