Corona Protocol

Access to the TT Circuit Assen is subject to the Corona Protocol
- QR code via your Coronacheck app
- negative Corona test on paper
- recovery certificate

CRExperience organisation

The CRExperience combi training is a training which is given on the TT Junior Track Assen in combination with practice sessions at the TT Circuit Assen. Unlike the TT Circuit Assen is the TT Junior Track a short and clear circuit where the speed is relatively low.
Click on this link for the CRExperience promo video: CRExperience promovideo 

CRExperience combi training

• CRExperience combi training is for every motorcycle rider a meaningful training.
• The unique combination training developed by CRExperience is led by CRExperience instructors.
• The participant rides in the morning on the TT Junior Track and in the afternoon at the TT Circuit Assen.
• The training is very intensive, there is a lot of riding in a short period of time.
• The experience is that the participant get even more fun in motorcycling.
• The group instructor has always visual contact with his riders.
• Theory and practice alternate.
• Buffet lunch in the paddock restaurant is included in the registration fee.
• At the end each rider in the CRExperience combi training will receive a CRExperience certificate on name.
• The CRExperience organization also offers opportunities for relationships and groups to take part in a CRExperience combi training such as for example for staff associations, for brands clubs or for relationships or clients of a company or dealer.
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