CRT Holland kicks off motorsport season 2020 in a big way . . .

CRT Holland kicks off the 2020 motorsport season with a 3-day event on Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 June at the TT Circuit Assen.
Three days full of motorsport but without an audience.

In the 28th anniversary of CRT Holland, our customers have never had to wait so long to ride on the prestigious TT Circuit Assen. However, the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic does not lie and our first priority is to ensure the maximum safety of our participants at all times.
Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 June were first reserved for the unique FIM Endurance Legend Cup. Now these days have been converted into CRT-trackdays on type 3 days to which a dynamic noise limit of 101 dB applies.

Corona protocol

Thanks to a well drafted Corona protocol it is possible to practice our passion of motorcycling and motorsport in a responsible manner on the TT Circuit Assen.
The first requirement in this is that everyone must follows the set rules.
Given the experiences of recent months, everyone knows that the Coronavirus is a formidable opponent that you have to deal with very seriously.

Cancellations OW Cup races

According to government guidelines, it is not possible to organize races for the Open Dutch Championship until September 1, 2020. This is of course a bitter pill for all our OW Cup licensees, the TT Circuit Assen, the organization and for Dutch motorsport in general.
The planned OW Cup races until September 1, plus the 501 km Endurance on Saturday, July 18 on the TT Circuit Assen, are canceled. Should there be any relaxation in the rules we will discuss the options available at that time.

The OW Cuprace in Oschersleben was also canceled on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 June. Uncertainties about yes or no if not necessary traffic in Germany is possible and yes or no fourteen days of quarantine are partly to blame for this.

Exclusive training OW Cup licensees

The CRT organization will schedule now exclusive training days especially for the OW Cup-licensees. After a long winter and spring break, license holders can resume training on these days and further develop the newly purchased and adapted equipment.
The turns on Saturday 6 June are exclusively reserved for OW Cup year- and day license holders with the same group format as for an OW Cup race.
Given the same group formats as in an OW Cup race you can make a correct comparison with the other riders in your class on the basis of the lap times.
Setup takes place at the pre-setup in the paddock where we will position riders based on the lap times. Because of this setup, we do not get fast riders between less fast riders and vice versa which in turn benefits safety.

Saturday 6 June

This first exclusive training day for OW Cup licensees is Saturday, June 6.
Based on the reactions after Saturday 6 June we will decide whether this program will also be applied on other days.
All registrations for the OW Cup race on Saturday 6 June will be converted from the OW Cup site to the CRT site.

Register for CRT days

Registration for the planned CRT trackdays and CRExperience combitrainings  is possible digitally by our websites or by sending an email to Heidi:

More information

We expect more additional information in the course of next week.

Timetables, protocol and infection prevention

Click on the following links for the schedules.
Timetable Friday, June 5, 2020
Timetable Saturday, June 6, 2020
Timetable Sunday, June 7, 2020

Click on these links for the Corona protocol and Covid-19 infection prevention.
Corona protocol
Covid-19 infection prevention